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Closed terrarium in medium glass jar with cork lid. 2 plant per jar - plant variety may vary depending on availability.

Available for corporate gifting - please inquire.

Size: 9.5CM (W) x 17CM (H)

Terrarium T72 or T76

  • Place terrarium in bright light area however, avoid direct sunlight on the jar (it will overheat the plants)

    Excessive condensation can occur when there’s dramatic change in temperature in the room (eg. Using heater/AC) and thus if that occurs, just open the lid and allow it to evaporate before closing it again

    Water when the soil layer is dry however if kept in optimal conditions, a small amount of water (30-50ml) is all that it needs approximately every 5-8weeks (depending on where jar is kept)

  • Can be couriered within Melbourne Metro only.

    Enquire about our shipping methods via email at


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