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Mixing you own soil

Mixing your own soil can feel daunting. Do I have the right materials? What happens if I don't get it right and my plant dies? Premium or cheap brands?

The answer is, none of those really matters as long as you understand your watering style and adjust your soil mix to cater for the plant's drinking needs.

I classify myself as an over waterer. I tend to water my plants too much thinking they need more watering when I see the topsoil dry.

The video below is what I've come up with to help me care for my plants better. The ratios are only a suggestion and can be altered to your liking. Whilst I have this as a base line I'm always tweaking the mixture depending on the materials. IE. potting mix may be chunkier in some batches than others and thus will adjust accordingly.

All materials are easily available and can be found in most nurseries.

NB. all advice are just general advice from my own experience. I do not have any certification or studies in horticulture to back this up. Please seek professional advice if you wish to seek scientific proven information in this field.

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